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modular booth in Spain

Modular booth in Spain

MaxDisplay, company specialized in design of stands for fairs and events. Signage, branding and signage services for companies.

MaxDisplay is a dynamic company, with extensive experience in all areas of visual communication: stand design large format printing, light signs and signage.

Among our areas of competence you can find modular booth in Spain. At the same time we are specialists in the design, construction and installation of stands for fairs, signs of shops and companies and integral signage of offices.

Our goal is to offer the solution that best suits the needs of each client and that brings the greatest benefits. modular booth in Spain, done, we take care of it.

Modular booth in Spain. We design for people, attention to detail.

On our website you can browse through an extensive catalog of work done by us. If you need more examples, don't hesitate to ask for them and we will provide them. Feel free to tell us what your specific project is, surely, we can help make it happen. Our extensive experience is stand design, commercial signs, custom stand construction, company signage, event counters among others that put us in a preferred position to take care of your project.

Maximize your investment in exhibitions

Modular stands are far beyond aluminium profiles and wood panels. Nowadays it is possible to create astonishing designs for your brand image, with new, more flexible and versatile materials.

Modular stands have an important advantage: they are reusable in spaces with similar shape and size, and allow to recover the investment already made. It is not necessary to repeat the whole composition of the initial design, because some elements can change to update the stand and to adapt it to every exhibition.

You can maximize your investment in exhibitions thanks to modular stands, without renouncing to design, achieving incredible results with modest budgets.

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modular booth in Spain